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Around the world; tribes, cultures and communities practice traditional dance, music and movement to tell stories, pass down knowledge, connect with themselves, nature and spirit; and to embody oneness.


Life is a dance; the dance of the breath, of the mind, of love, choice, emotions.... anything moving is changing form... therefore to envoke change, what better to do than move consciously!


Movement, breath, dance and sound have transformed my life, as they have been transforming all of reality since time immorial.


Dance and Movement practices have the ability to change one's body, mood and ability to be adaptable in each moment. Dance offers both strength and compassion; putting us in the shoes of others to dance their dance; to understand their rhythms.


"Dance has taught me how to be completley present in each changing moment"


It has been a non-stop, 12 year journey around and around the globe; being blessed with profound teachers and mentors passing wisdoms and gifts. Since, facilitating dance journeys and meditations in Spain, Thailand, London, Japan and Australia. I am blessed to share the gifts that have been shared with me and I thank you for your interest in the dance of life. 


Blessings and I look forward to dancing with you! 


Lisa M. 

Dancing Medicine Founder

Lisa Maree

Transformational Dance Founder

Dancing Medicine Founder

Dance Facilitator/Therapist

Tao & Tantric Arts Facilitator

Personal Trainer/Life Coach

Health advocate

Yoga Instructor

Business Coach

Lover of Life!

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