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Getting married is a BIG deal!



The Bride to Be deverves more

than "another night out" on her Hen's.



Choose from 3 delicious options;

or combine as you wish! 




Option 1: 


Chocolate Ceremony & Bride Blessing Rituals


- FUN, feminine, moving & memorable

- approx 1.5 hours

- We will come to you, or you can come to us!


- Raw Cacao Ceremony to get you high!

- Flower blessings

- Estatic Dance

- Sound bathing the bride

- Bride gifting ritual

- Love ritual

- Sister's wisdom circle



Option 2: 


Sacred Seduction & Tantric Sexuality


- FUN, sexy, juicy, entertaining!

- approx 1.5 hours

- We will come to you, or you can come to us!


- Aphrodisiac elixir provided for extra fun!

- Introduction to Tantra

- Sisters Sharing Circle (juicy & funny)

- Orgasmic Breathwork

- Sacred Spanking

- Tips on how to be a better lover!

- Presence Practices



Option 3: 


Aphrodisiac Chocolate making class


Delicious, Tasty, CHOCOLATELY!

- approx 1.5 hours

- We will come to you!

- All ingridients provided


- A group experience of making aphrodisiac chocolates for your wedding day!!! 


- Eating chocolate till you drop

- Aphrodisiac herbal lesson

- Bridal chocolate feeding ritual

- All ingridients & packaging provided

- All vegan & gluten free


For information, quotes & bookings

please contact me directly by email:

If you would like me to phone you back please

be sure to include your mobile number. xx

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Throughout history, Cacao has been used by Mayans and cultures around the world for ceremony, spiritual practice and for its medicinal properties.


Cacao literally decalcifies the penial gland, detoxifies the liver, is extremely high in antioxidants and contains the alkaloid Theobromine; which is connected to the heart. 


We use cacao in ceremony to connect with our hearts and our higher selves.  Cacao offers a euphoric heart opening sensation; a feeling of lightness, happiness, contentment, gratitude, joy and love.



CACAO- The delicious beans that makes CHOCOLATE.


Natural Cacao contains Theobromine- AKA "THE LOVE CHEMICAL"...

That's why chocolate makes us feel soooooo good!


.... now multiply that feeling 100 times when it is pure, raw,

ceremonial grade cacao; blended with euphoric, aphrodisiac herbs!




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