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Tired of 
meaningless Hens activities over & over?

i Am!

Hens should be fun, and something to remember. 


Many women put more thought into their wedding than any other day in her life.  

So... why do we often allow the Hens to be so tacky and meaningless.


Is it due to lack of options?

A hens is an initiation for the Bride-to-be. (at least that was its original purpose).  


It is an opportunity for the bride-to-be to feel supported by her sisters, to receive their blessings and strength for the life change she is entering. 

How this day of bridal initiation has ended up with plastic penis straws, and activities we could do ANY day of the week; Im not sure.


Hens celebrations have so much potential to offer the bride real sisterhood, blessings and support.

I started Bliss Hens because I believe marriage is sacred...


My passion is to provide an offering where Hens celebrations can also rise to the sacred occasion of marriage, and have the bride-to-be feeling prepared for marital bliss as a result her Hens experience.

you or your bestie   getting married? 

CHOCOLATE Ceremony, Blessing RITUALS,

Orgasmic BREATHWORK & More!

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