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Life is a dance

become one with its rhythms

Find your Flow




What is a dance journey?


An opportunity to lose ourselves... stop thinking and allow the body to release blockages, move stagnant energy and heal itself! 


Dance journeys  are free-form; which means you dance how you feel!  Without thoughts or effort; we allow the body to find its own effortless rhythm.  This allowing, automatically reminds our cells that effortless flow is possible; and so opens up your life to the potential of ease.


Just like life is full of rhythms, seasons, life cycles etc; we too must tap into life's rhythms to operate at our best. 


The dances are facilitated to support full potential, and the music is chosen based on the theme and intention of the journey. 


A free space to be yourself.  Noone watching.  An opportunity to go deep; release the old, dance in the new.



What will happen?


No matter your gender, age, preferences, experience, beliefs or physicality... you are invited to dance!  You are invited to journey to any space in your being you wish to touch or explore, through movement.


When the mind has taken over for are long period; blockages occur in the mental, physical and emotional bodies. To remove this stagnancy; we dance into the places that need regeneration and realignment. 


Your experienced will be based on your intention.  The dance journey is the perfect place to set an intention and "move" it into place.  


Most people come out of the dance feeling profound, light, energised and rejuvinated.  


Cacao- Food of the Gods; and a mix of supportive sacred goodies will be the elixir to invite our highest intentions and natural euphoria into this dance. Starting with sacred raw cacao ceremony to activate and connect our bodies with our spirit; we move into the 5 element dance; journeying from the depths of the earth to the spaciousness of the ether.  A powerful journey connecting with and understanding the forces which exist in everything around us and of us.

Journey through the prominent energy centres; allowing full expression to dance from each; opening and re-activating each to its full potential.  Here we will dance and withness the full power of our energy centres to channel through. Release stagnant energy and allow the effortless flow of life that is available to us.  Rather than being strong in some parts of your life; gain access to all of them. 


activation DANCE
Dancing the 
TAOIST seasons

Seasonal cycle serve a bigger purpose than we realise. They sustain and create life.  And for us, they bring the right conditions for new begginings, letting go, planting new intentions, watching our goals grow into fruition, celebrating abundance, recieving, resting, regeneration and healing.   Without cycles life would become stagnant and confused. With this dance we tap into the rhythm of ease and effortless existance. 

Dance journeys available for events, retreats, private sessions, guest teaching and bachelorette/hens parties. 

Women of the World

Connect with the many flavours of the feminine; emobdy the abundant variety of the Goddesses in this 

facilitated free-form dance; as we move through world rhythms to dance the beats of our global 

mothers, sisters and ancestors.  From the beggining of time; it was through sound and movement that knowledge, celebration and cultures have been passed on.  Let us give gratitude and tap into these gifts. This is for women only.  Sorry men.   xx

Lisa Maree

I'm Lisa, and dance is my medicine! I share my passion through worldwide ceremony, workshops, events and retreats.  I offer healthy & transformative practices, women's groups, shamanic dance journey, cacao ceremony, bride-to-be rituals and more!



Founder of Dancing Medicine, Tao & Tantric Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Movement Therapist. 

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