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Option 1: 


Chocolate Ceremony & Bride Blessing Rituals



- Chocolate Ceremony to get you high!

- Flower blessings

-- Sensory delight ritual 

- Estatic Dance

- Sound bathing the bride-to-be

- Creative Gifting ritual

- Sister's wisdom circle

- FUN, feminine &


Option 2: 


Chocolate Ceremony & Shamanic dance journey



- Chocolate Ceremony to get you high!

- Set your deepest intentions

- Dance in your prayers

- Choose from;

- 5 Element Dance

- Chakra Activation Dance

- Dance of the Seasons

- Shakti Flavours Dance

- FUN & transformational

Option 3: 


Sacred Seduction & Tantric Sexuality



- Aphrodisiac Chocolate provided for extra fun!

- Introduction to Tantra

- Sisters Sharing Circle (juicy & funny)

- Orgasmic Breathwork

- Sacred Spanking

- Presence Practices

- Tips on how to be a better lover!

- FUN, sexy, juicy, entertaining!

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