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Tantric practice and rituals originate from ancient Indian philosophy. While most people know Tantra as it relates to sexuality, it can actually be applied to all of life. 

Tantra teaches us to experience enhanced pleasure in all of life. It enables us to be completely present in the moment, without the mind wandering off. Being present in the moment enhances the bodies ability to feel, enhances our senses and amplifies intensity and pleasure. 

We often become numb to pleasure as we do not know how to be fully present with our bliss when sharing intimately with our partner. 

The activities we do in this Hens, focus on enhancing the senses, through activities such as breath work and sensory activities. The exercises do NOT involve exchanging sexual touch with any other person, however there is the possibility of awakening your own sexual energy, which will be channelled through the breath.

Option 2 - The Art of Tantra and Sacred Sensuality is fun and sexy. If you are worried about your mothers or grandmas being uncomfortable, the Chocolate Ceremony and Bride Blessing Rituals are gorgeous, tasteful, feminine and appropriate for all ages. 

If you are feeling more daring and sharing your hens with your open minded sisters (or those that need to open their minds)... then this could be for you! 




Ceremonial Cacao


Bliss Hens Unique, Sacred, Alternative Hens Night Ideas, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane

ALL chocolate

used in our hens

is hand- brewed from

100% ceremonial-grade

raw cacao sourced from

Guatemala. What does that mean? It is STRONG 

& is not regular chocolate!

This sacred cacao is used especially for ceremony, 

ritual & transformation!

  (gets you blissed)      


2 in 1... Yum!

CHOCOLATE Ceremony, Blessing RITUALS,

Orgasmic BREATHWORK & More!

you or your bestie   getting married? 

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